Former NFL Player Darren Sharper Accused of Rape

sharpI’m sure by now we’ve all heard the allegations that former NFL player Darren Sharper has been accused of at least 2 counts of rape. And I’m sure most people have the same initial response as I did, “Why would he need to rape anyone”?

I would think there are plenty women out there who would love to get their hands on a current or former ball player. I mean we’ve seen some women settle for a lot less so what would make Darren ‘allegedly’ drug and take advantage of these women?

Sharper is being accused of taking these ladies from the club to his spot, giving them a shot of alcohol, and the ladies pass out from there. Of course he contends that the sex that happened after that was consensual but it’s funny how stories from two different women in two different states sound very similar.

Again I must ask why would he need to drug these women instead of waiting for the next woman who would more than likely go home with him freely. There has to be more to this story or this is one of those cases in which you think you know a person but have no clue what they are really like. We hear it all the time when parents find out their kids shot up a school or a father has been convicted of sexual abuse with his daughter. It’s hard to believe because it seems so far fetched. Or maybe it’s that we don’t want to believe although the signs were there.

At any rate, other states have filed similar allegations against Darren so either there are many women out to get him for turning them down, or we are dealing with a sick individual.


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