That Road Rage Is A Mutha…

I can be the first to admit that I have an extreme case of road rage. It’s hard to understand how a person can cut you off in traffic or almost run you off the road just to get to the stop light 2 seconds before you get there. But for some, the risk is worth it. Recently I was pulling up to a stop sign, made my stop and as I was about to pull off another car pulled up to the intersection, ran the stop sign and made a right turn in slow motion putting his car in front of mine. I wouldn’t have been so upset had the driver not stared me down as he turned in front of me. It was as if he was daring me to say something to him and I was 2.3 seconds away from it. Thankfully I didn’t have a pistol on me or the situation would’ve turned for the worst.

Unfortunately for Richard Coles, having his gun on him proved to be the wrong decision. This fool got into it with an individual over a clear case of road rage and ended up shooting himself. Two questions come to mind. The first would be, “Where did you get your permit to carry a gun(you should definitely ask for a refund)? And the second question would be, ‘WHAT THE HELL”? How did you shoot YOURSELF in the midst of threatening another person with YOUR gun? I understand that accidents can happen, but brotha man you’ve have got to be a little more careful. Or simply sit your ass down some where and calm down!